SDI Optical Service Rifle (OSR) rail mount with highly-accurate repeatability in mounting.

The SDI mount gives you maximum flexibility on scope mounting position and exact repeatability on moving or removing the scope and mount from the rifle. The mount has a 3-inch forward extension over the hand guard to let you position the scope correctly. 

The design of this mount is patent pending for the unique features to allow for extremely accurate and  repeatable mounting. 

The lower rail is made to the new NATO STANAG 4694 specification and not the old MIL-SPC 1913 specification. The military finally realized that the old 1913 spec was not repeatable on moving or removing the scope. This new spec corrects this problem. As far as we know this is the first USA built mount to use the STANAG 4694 spec.

The upper rail is a European dovetail which is also repeatable upon moving or removing the scope and rings. The rings have 6 available positions covering a 2 ½ inch range. If you wish to move the scope through this range often then optional rings with lever closers are available at an additional charge. The rings are machined steel and are extremely accurate.

 $200 with free shipping anywhere in the USA

30mm body scope shown for example