NRA/CMP legal Service Rifle

This is a prototype rifle built for testing, it has been used gently for testing and ammo development.

                                      Start competing and winning right now!  $1250.00

                                                                   HPI AR-15 Shorty rifle

               16 “ Armalite barrel with a mid-length HPI floating handguard system

                Armalite lower with a Jewell trigger and a collapsible butt stock

                A flat top upper with an HPI side charging system  (likely the last one we will ever make)

 Included extras:

                           1 – 30 round mag

                           1 – GI nylon web sling

                           1 – GI bayonet

                                                               All for only           $925

AR-10  22-250 Ackley Improved 

This is from my personal collection.  I built this rifle to shoot heavy (75 - 110 gr) 22 caliber bullets at maximum velocity, and it does shoot fast and accurately! 

Krieger stainless steel barrel with 1 in 8 twist.  Chambered for 22-250 Ackley Improved. 

HPI gas block.  HPI hand guard. 

Armalite upper reciever, bolt carrier group and charging handle. 

Armalite lower reciever (second generation). 

Krieger Millazo trigger.

A2 Buttstock with Anschutz butt plate. 

Custom root beer brown finish with black smoke and transparent layers.

        (one chip in finish on hand guard, ~1cm, shown in bottom-middle picture)

This is a very accurate long range rifle!!!  $2950 

HPI Remington 700 F-class - 30 caliber Krieger 308 

This is a custom prototype with lots of HPI parts, engineering, and machining!

It is built with a Remington 700 action and a heavy Kriger barrel chambered in Krieger 308. The method of construction is a well engineered assembly that enhances accuracy and performs flawlessly. The trigger is impressively light and crisp! 


This rifle is currently at 17.0 pounds as shown without scope or bipod.

An HPI adjustable bipod and aligned carpet mat will be included with this sale! 


Mount your scope and instantly compete in F-open matches! 

To compete in F-target matches, the entire system must be under a weight limit.  Depending on what scope you use, understand that some gunsmithing may be required to remove material for weight. 

Start winning competitions right away!!!  $2950 

HPI light weight AR-15 upper 

This is a short and light AR-15 upper with flat top scope rail.  

Why carry so much weight?  Try this for $750 

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