SDI Model 400 Spotting Scope Stand


        This stand comes with an aluminum saddle and velcro nylon strap to hold the scope in place.  Order this version if your scope does not have a female threaded hole for attaching to the stand.

(If your scope has the ¼-20 female threaded hole, consider buying the SDI model 300 or model 500 stand.)


       Beautifully anodized aluminum in silver and blue with stainless steel fasteners.  Quality that will last for years and will protect your expensive scope. 

        The base legs of this stand reach out to 24 inches between ground contact points for great stability. It adjusts to hold your scope from as low as 8 inches from the ground to as high as 70 inches yet it collapses to a compact 18 inches high and weighs only 4 pounds for easy transportation.


        $300 with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA!